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There are no researches that confirm that making a certain diet really increases your fertility. No particular diet has been found to help you reverse infertility, nor are there foods or foods that "cure" infertility. What is known is that fertility can improve when a person loses weight when it is overweight or gains weight in women who are underweight. It is also known of several studies that men and women with specific dietary habits are more (or less) prone to face infertility. It is worth changing the dietary patterns to improve peoples fertility, since healthy eating is the ....keep reading
Menopause is a phase of life that all women will pass. It is natural and therefore you have to know it completely. There are women who feel they go through this stage in solitude, thinking they dont have to talk about it with anyone. But it is a mature stage of every woman and so talking about it will do well. Do not reject nature, if you do not prefer, on the contrary, enjoy every stage of life! Women should know what to expect when it comes to menopause in their lives and thus act accordingly and their quality of life does not diminish, and men should also know how to understan....keep reading
All people like to have beautiful nails, especially women. They give them pride and make their hands more beautiful. Both men and women can have beautiful nails and everything depends on having good physical and emotional health. For this reason, some foods may contribute to obtaining this result more easily. Meet some of them: The avocado Avocado is abundant in proteins and vitamins such as: Vitamin A, B-complex vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin K, folic acid, potassium and healthy fats. The avocado is being used by many people every day because they realized it is a superfood. It is ....keep reading
When was the last time you cleaned your makeup tools? If you do not know the answer, pay attention to these recommendations. If you have a set of makeup brushes, you should understand the importance of cleaning them. Brushes accumulate petroleum products, sebum, skin impurities and other debris which, on the one hand, reduce the life of the brushes and, on the other, may cause skin problems such as pimples, blackheads or irritations the recommendation is to clean them at least two or three Times a month. Or if possible, once a week. How to clean our brushes? In case your brushes ha....keep reading
Exfoliation is a process that should definitely be part of your beauty routine and skin care. Most likely, at some point in his life, the importance of using a Exfoliating Facial became obvious. Perhaps you already have a dry, opaque or scalous skin, with a rough texture or a faded tone. Regardless of the reason, certainly after the first time you have thought: "They havebA!, why didnt I do it before? ". Exfoliation is the process to remove dead cells that accumulate on the surface. When you remove the dead cells, you reveal the new cells that are under the skin instantly. The ski....keep reading
Many women take care of skin health, but they forget that their lips also need to be cared for. Cold, too much heat can cause some damage and so it is important to repair and moisturize. Heres how to do this using some remedies Natural: 1. Mix in a clean container, a tablespoon of coconut oil with 3 drops of peppermint essential oil, this serves to moisturize the lips and protect them from cold and air conditioning. 2. Do you have cracked lips? Take about three (3) Petals of fresh roses, wash them and mix them with a tablespoon of cows milk, make it into a food processor to form ....keep reading
Achieving a healthy makeup and natural appearance, its not just a question of how to apply it, you should also be careful with the products. One of the most important challenges for women today is to get a makeup that makes it look beautiful and natural, making it routine and at the same time a weapon to seduce. In addition to the makeup to look better, it is necessary to take into account certain recommendations that prevent damage to health, in some cases, irreversible. Some products may cause: -Irritations -Infections -Mushroom Mushrooms -Dermatitis -Cysts around the ey....keep reading
One of the most common problems of makeup is having to control it constantly, since any external factor can cause the image with which we leave the house to be undone and cause us some uncomfortable sensation. Unless we all day with a mirror in tow, it is very difficult to control every minute if our makeup is still in its original state, so it is not enough to get used to some habits that can make us feel safer. Aesthetics professionals ensure that the secret to our eyes to maintain the effect we create with makeup is to bet on the layers. Thus, building a good base is important....keep reading
Many women want the makeup to last at least enough time for certain occasions, however, it does not always happen. The problem is that some makeoffs can easily end up coming out on account of various factors such as heat, sweat, etc. Therefore, some tricks can help you keep your makeup much longer. Below you will know some of them: 1. Invest in the first or Primer The first or Primer is a product that will help reduce the glare of the face and leave the makeup longer. It will also help moisturize your face and reduce pore size. If you are looking for a lasting makeup, be sure to....keep reading